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Tweet your way to the Top of Your Employer's Nice List

Looking for new ways to get to the top of your boss’ favorite employee list? Using Twitter is a great way to do it. Learn a few practical Twitter marketing tips, avoid a few catastrophic mistakes, and you will soon be Tweeting your way to winning kudos on the job.


Tip #1 – Become a Brand Guard:

If you are on your company’s social media team, chances are you have access to company social media passwords. Never forget that those passwords are valuable keys that can either make or break your company’s reputation and brand recognition. Avoid at all costs accidentally tweeting a personal thought on your company’s account by failing to switch accounts. If someone else on the team makes a Twitter mistake (or the unthinkable happens and you do it), be the first to seek a positive solution. A Red Cross staffer once made a Twitter goof that could have been catastrophic, but because the company and the staff member handled it well, it actually became positive publicity for the organization (1). Although mistakes should be avoided if at all possible, becoming the first-response person for your company’s brand will go a long way toward winning points with superiors.


Tip #2 – Become a Brand Fan:

Make your personal Twitter account work for your company. Look for ways to promote your company in your own circle of friends and your own Twitter activity. Promoting your company on a personal level will certainly win you a few brownie points.


Tip #3 – Become a Tool User:

One of the best ways to boost your company’s success with Twitter is discovering and utilizing some of the creative tools that are available. When your boss starts seeing the fantastic results from your Twitter arsenal of tricks, you could become the office’s newest pet. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • ClickToTweet – Wouldn’t you like to be able to put words in people’s mouths? Click to Tweet virtually lets you do just that. Simple to use, ClickToTweet allows you to type a message that you want your followers to tweet. It then creates a link that you can post. When a user clicks the link, the pre-written message appears, allowing them to tweet it in seconds, sending out the very message you wanted them to send.

  • Tweriod – Knowing when your company’s followers are more likely to be on Twitter puts you a step ahead of the rest of the social media team.  Tweriod  creates up to the minute analysis of both your tweets and your follower’s tweets in order to help you determine the most effective time to post those crucial company tweets.

  • Buffer – a great companion to Tweriod, Buffer App  takes the information Tweriod gathers and automatically schedules tweets for the optimal posting times. With plenty of integration tools, Buffer effortlessly schedules share of articles, retweets, and other social media savvy posts to appear at the best time for your followers.

Tweeting in the Rain

Make Twitter your best friend and become skilled at using it. Download mobile apps and begin to Tweet wherever you are. Get inspired while splashing through puddles on the way to work? Don’t wait until you get to the office, send your Tweet right then, and watch your approval ratings with the boss grow as you become the office Twitter guru.


Michael “Big Mike” McCaffery knows the power of media.   As he pursues his own GoDish career, he keeps the Twitter account active as well.