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How to Use Twitter for Marketing


Twitter is the business tool/social media platform that almost every business is now aware of and should be using.

But how to use Twitter for marketing?

Below we give some strategies sourced from various gurus, who have forged them after much time testing.

Customer Service via Twitter 

Social media customer service is a problem A study was conducted to see what the top 25 top retailer’s reaction on Twitter was in the real world to customer service inquiries.

It found “six of the 25 retailers didn’t reply to any of the analysts’ customer service inquiries” over a 24 hour period. According to F.C. Tucker Company, Inc., about fifteen per cent of young customers (16-24 year old) prefer social media over any other channel for customer service while (based on 2012 STELLA Service Study), most customers trying to reach biggest retailers using Twitter fail to hear back.

That’s your huge competitive advantage!

These examples are appropriate whether you’ re an individual looking to better connect with your favorite business or a company wanting to bring your customers deeper into the fold , Here are three examples of social media customer service done right that are sure to get you headed in the right direction:

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Advertisement on Twitter

The larger the number of followers you have Twitter, the larger easy reach of your message.

If you have played by the rules and have been honest with your followers and website visitors, then these followers can become passionate buyers of whatever you recommend.

But how to grow your followers, the genuine followers, not the fake ones. One way is let it happen organically. But if you look for some speed, then advertisement on Twitter is the way forward. Twitter has in its arsenal Promoted Accounts and promoted treats.

Read more below.


According to Richard Alfonsi, VP of Global Online Sales at Twitter, “Promoted Accounts are best for growing a loyal follower base, while Promoted Tweets are best for getting tweets in front of a larger audience to drive more clicks and engagement around a promotion, product launch or event.” Alfonsi notes that businesses of all types see success so far with these new products, from local businesses (such as bakeries, restaurants and photographers) to purely online businesses, such as online retailers and digital publications.

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Measurement Metrics on Twitter

An important aspect of marketing is measurement metrics. Instead of shooting in dark, if we could know what is working and what is not working, it can help us plan better our marketing strategy and budget.

For Twitter, there are some useful analytics and visualisation tools. Read more about them below:


After researching over a thousand Twitter Tools for the Twitter Tools Book I came across many tools that tried to add value by presenting a different way to visualize or analyze your tweets, the people in your network, and the tweets from the people in your network. Many tools tried to add value and failed.  At least they tried.  The following tools, however, stand out in my mind as exceptional or entertaining and I recommend you check them out if you want to analyze and visualize your activity on Twitter.

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