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Top 5 Tips for a Succesfull Food Blog

If you love to cook, and write, a blog might seem like a fun, and potentially profitable, way to share your passion. With the internet already crowded with food blogs, yours needs to stand out from the rest. These top five tips are the recipe for a successful food blog.


Let Readers Into Your Life

Your recipes are the stars of the show. They need to be unique, flavorful and easy to recreate. However, readers don’t need to come to your website for recipes. There are millions of places to find recipes online, but there is only one you. Along with your recipes, let your readers get to know you. It is the unique combination of your culinary skills and your story that will interest readers.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The internet is a form of visual communication. You might be a wonderful writer, but without photographs, your blog is just a wall of text without visual appeal. While you don’t need to be a professional photographer, you do need to use the highest quality photos you can manage. Stay away from cell phone photos and consider taking a photography or photo editing class.

Register A Dot Com Address

While it might seem easiest to stick with the address provided by your blogging platform, it won’t provide the best results. Your URL needs to be easy to remember so that readers will return. Many bloggers are afraid to register a dot com address due to the myths that it is difficult and expensive. In reality, most blogging platforms make it easy to register a URL. While there is a small expense involved, it is well worth it when compared to the returns of driving more traffic to your blog.

Post Consistently

One of the best ways to encourage repeat visitors is posting new content frequently. If there are long gaps between posts your blog will be forgotten as readers move onto one of the many other options. Post at least three times each week.

Get The Word Out

You might be consistently posting great recipes accompanied by pretty pictures and entertaining stories, but if nobody knows you’re out there, you won’t have any readers. To increase your site visits you need to market your blog. Connect with other bloggers by commenting on their posts, emailing them, or offering to write a guest post. Utilize social media by posting your recipes on Pinterest or Facebook. Ask everyone you know to visit your blog and pass it along to their friends. Creating a wonderful meal takes a good recipe and so does creating a food blog.


Let these top five tips be your guide to cooking up success.


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