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Top Reasons You Should Sell T-Shirts From Your Website

If you have a website or a blog then you need to think about much more than just uploading new content on a regular basis. To really make your site a success it's crucial that you are able to find creative ways to market your site and to get the word out regarding your corner of the web, and it's crucial that you offer a more diverse range of experiences other than just reading.


Selling t-shirts or some other kind of merchandise from your site for instance is a great way to expand your business and has a vast number of benefits. Here we will look at the most compelling reasons to sell t-shirts or other merchandise.

They Can Make You Money

If you have some loyal followers on your site who regularly read the sites and talk on the forums then they may well feel committed to your site and as though they are a part of some kind of movement. As such they will probably want to be able to pledge and demonstrate their allegiance meaning that they might be willing to hand over some cash for a nice t-shirt or hat. At the same time, if you can make this t-shirt witty or funny then that will give them even more reason to invest.

While there are many things you can sell from a website, statistics show that people are still much more likely to buy physical products that they can hold – because this way they get something permanent to show for their cash. This might just be a great way to monetize your site then that you're missing out on.

It Encourages Loyalty

If you have bought a t-shirt with a website name on it, then you are going to want to support that website and go there regularly for fear of feeling a bit stupid otherwise. If you can get someone to wear your t-shirt then they are going to immediately feel more a 'part' of what you're doing and that means they're more likely to stay loyal, to check regularly, and to tell others about what you're doing.

It's Free Advertising

Obviously one of the best things about getting someone to wear a t-shirt with your site URL on it is that more people are going to see them in it and then wonder what that URL is about. In other words this is like having a sponsorship deal – except in some cases they will have paid you for the privilege. If you then think that these photos might be worn to events with thousands of people, or captured in photographs, you'll see that this is a very effective way to spread your brand awareness.

They Make Great Gifts

If you don't want to sell your t-shirts you can give them away and this way you will still get all that exposure and at the same time come across as generous to your visitors (which will make them feel obligated to you). Meanwhile though you can use these gifts as incentives to get all kinds of other things from your visitors – whether you offer t-shirts in exchange for content or promotion, or whether you offer them as prizes for competitions which is a great way to market your site.


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