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How my Website Destroyed my Business: A First Hand Account

This article is a first-hand account of how problems with a website destroyed a business, and offers great advice for current website owners and webmasters.

Exciting Times


When I moved my business online I felt that I had achieved everything I had ever set out to do. I had finally managed to move myself away from only being accessible to local customers, and now I had the whole world to offer my products and services to.

I could do no wrong, and the website was the thing that was going to enable me to make millions, no question about it. Never again would I have to stay at home throughout the summer as people took off on their holidays to sunnier climes. That’s what I had hoped anyway. When all was said and done, my website was what killed my business.

This is why.

Server Hosting

Although I was confident moving my business online, I was still in the early days of building my company. Therefore, I went for the cheapest server option so that I could establish my online presence quickly without blowing a hole in my finances.

Massive mistake. If ever there was one thing that I would point out as having been the main catalyst in the failure of my business, this would be it. I learned the harshest of lessons by taking the cheap option.

Slow Loading Times

Slow loading times owing to my cheap shared server option meant that I was ranking very poorly in the search engines anyway, despite my site being highly optimised and well designed. When people did find my site, they were soon turned away when a page was taking forever to load.

It doesn’t matter how much I protest, if a person is using fibre-optic broadband and a site takes forever and a day to load, it is clear where the problem lies.


Of course, the slow loading times were only a problem when people could access the site. I didn’t realise this at the time, but due to my decision to use a shared server, when I had the opportunity to make a lot of money at peak web traffic times, I couldn’t, because the server was simply having to process too much information, more than what it could handle, and my site wouldn’t even load.

I was able to carry on with what I was making for a few months, but soon I had no option but to close my business, for I had carried on with my website regardless, placing all of my eggs in that particular basket.

Doing Things Differently

What would I do differently? Wait until the money is available and get a private server is what I will be doing with my next business – I refuse to lose another one because I was too hasty with getting online yet again!


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