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The New Google EMD and Panda Updates - What Got Hit and Why

Google strikes again! This time the target is the poor quality sites with"Exact Match Domains." They have to lose the favor of Google, rank low in PR or may be some would completely lose out. Though this came as a rude shock to people who make their money mostly from affiliate marketing by building mini sites, yet it was no surprise. For more than a year Google had been into a clean up drive with rapid algo changes.
Probably you have heard the hustle already. In September this year, the search engine giant has introduced this new update. To be very specific, Matt Cutts of the Google team on 28th September broke the news to the world with a tweet. He heads Google's web spam fighting team.

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5 Tips On SEOing Your Site's E-commerce Challenges

While many of the basic elements of SEO are the same for eCommerce sites as they are for blogs, the situation can get quite a bit more complicated and harder to deal with as soon as you open up a storefront. Not only is it much more difficult to get editorial links, you are far more likely to face duplicate content issues and similar problems. Here are 5 tips to help get past this problem.

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Web Design: Know How Important It Is To Increase Google Page Rank

Page rank is an algorithm, calculated by Google, it is the most important factor considered by search engines when ranking the website in search results. Google page rank determines the value of website by considering the importance of all the webpages that are placed on the web. If you have increased the number of web pages and have links to it then there is a higher chance your page will be ranked higher.

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Getting the most Value out of your SEO Company Services

All too often webmasters under value their SEO company services, and approach optimization strategies as an afterthought. Have you noticed the page rankings of competing websites have soared during the last year, leaving you wondering why your expectations have yet to convene? This is an easy fix.

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Simple SEO Tips to Boost Your Rankings

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the process of perking up the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine results in order to increase traffic. Once a website or a web page is optimized, it appears frequently in search results. This improves the possibility of more visitors who can be converted into sales.

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Search engine optimisation strategy

Search engines are the life and blood of Internet today. Google is so strong that it can make or break a business. It pays immensely to play by their rules.


Fact is that their rules are also good business sense. So, it is in our interest to build our online business using these rules.


However, Internet is full of charlatans who promise immediate succour by having your rank in search engines jump upwards in a short time.

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