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Simple SEO Tips to Boost Your Rankings

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the process of perking up the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine results in order to increase traffic. Once a website or a web page is optimized, it appears frequently in search results. This improves the possibility of more visitors who can be converted into sales.

This process of search engine optimization started back in mind 1990s. However, with the advancement of internet technology, it has intensified over time. For a beginner, doing SEO can be complicated. However, you do not have to be an expert in SEO because there are numerous SEO services over the internet. If you would like to learn how to do it so that you can optimize your website on your own, here are some SEO tips you may use to optimize your website.

Tip 1 blogging

Blogging allow you to extend your network. It is advisable to create a blog and provide good content that will enable potential visitor follow your site. It is even easier now that there are free blogs like wordpresss which can tremendously improve you web visibilities.

Tip 2 proper use of keywords

It is important to use appropriate keywords and keywords phrases when preparing the content of your website. The keywords should be carefully selected depending on the nature of the website. It is advisable to ensure that the SEO articles you offer on your site are unique. This will ensure that the visitor will be interested and will become regular visitors.

Tip 3 use social media sharing

It is highly recommended that you link the content of your website with social media platforms such as Google +, face book, twitter among others. This will help in increasing traffic to your website. It would also help to share your content in other web s2.0 network such as you tube and scribd. This will improve your web presence.

Tip 4 SEO plugin

You may also use SEO plugin to make your web pages, posting titles and descriptions to enhance your website visibility on search engines. For instance, you may use scribe plugin to optimize your content.

Tip 5 Guest posting

It is also important to guest post with other relevant sites. However, you must request for the sites that accept guest posing for exchanging links. You should go for a site that has a high page rank. It is also advisable to avoid those sites that have been penalized by Google otherwise you might adversely affect the reputation of your website.


These are some of the simple SEO tips that you can use to boost your website rankings in the search engines.

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