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4 Tips to Optimize Your Video Marketing Campaign

Are you growing your business with videos? Creating videos can strengthen your brand, build trust and grow your opportunity. Before publishing videos you need to keep a few things in mind.

The energy behind your videos means everything. Do you notice how viral videos carry a certain energy? These popular creations are emotionally-charged, simply making them irresistible to online viewers.

Always solve problems with your video. Whether your goal is to entertain or educate, keep your viewers in mind before shooting and uploading videos. Listen to your target audience. What do they need help with? Maybe these individuals need to learn how to clean their car, or vacation on a budget, or generate leads online. Whatever the topic, be sure to listen on social network sites like Facebook or twitter before taking the time to create a video.

How can you optimize your video marketing plan?

Shift Your Energy

Dull, listless, bland videos receive few if any views. Check your energy before shooting a video. Move around a bit. Take a few deep breaths. Allow your personality to come out. Be you, and speak your voice.

Even if your content is average your presentation can put your video over the top. Such a quick and easy way to generate a ton more views. Charge yourself up before shooting a video to make the presentation more appealing to your target audience.

Short and Sweet

Long videos do poorly unless the presentation is astounding. Few people have the know how and creativity to snag the average viewer’s attention for more than 3 to 5 minutes. Shoot videos under 5 minutes in length. Keep it short and sweet. The average attention span just left town 1 minute ago, so cater to the average viewer.

Get to the point immediately, expound a bit to add a few details and exit stage left. Drive more leads to your website.

Use Keywords

Don’t forget to use keywords to target your marketing campaign. You want targeted viewers to digest your videos to grow your opportunity. Include keywords once in the title line and once in the description field. Note the keyword at least twice in the video to accentuate the word or phrase to your viewers. Take the time to perform these steps in order to drive targeted traffic to your videos and optimize your marketing campaign.

Using keywords helps you to drive passive traffic to your videos too. Why not generate page views while you sleep, or visit the park? Generating passive traffic is the great secret to building your brand or opportunity while still having a life outside of your business.

Social Bookmarking

Share your videos on sites like Digg and StumbleUpon to boost your views and perform better in search engines like Google. Each click you receive through these high ranking websites helps you crawl up the search results on Google. Using social bookmarking sites can also boost your credibility and increase your trust factor if one of your videos goes viral.


Use these 4 tips to optimize your video marketing campaign.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips on how to effectively market online and build a successful internet presence. Check out VLC media player for its variety of tools to help you make great internet videos.