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Web Design: Know How Important It Is To Increase Google Page Rank

Page rank is an algorithm, calculated by Google, it is the most important factor considered by search engines when ranking the website in search results. Google page rank determines the value of website by considering the importance of all the webpages that are placed on the web. If you have increased the number of web pages and have links to it then there is a higher chance your page will be ranked higher.

There are many other factors that determine the page rank as well as the amount of back links contained, as a website owner it is your duty to take care of your website design and other related elements to increase your page rank. Here are few ways to increase your page rank:


Site design

While designing your website internal linking plays important role, make sure all pages in your website have a link back to the home page. There are certain rules that can be followed which can make your website rank higher. You can link your pages in any way on your website it doesn’t have any effect on your page rank but make sure every page is linked to other important pages and maximise the internal linking within your website in order to get high PR value. The navigation from one page to another page in the same domain should be simple and easy, they help user to establish the information hierarchy.


Incoming links

Increasing the number of inbound links for a page will increase the page rank of that website. Getting backlinks from other website is great thing that the search engine appreciates. The greater the amount the more likely your website will rank higher but remember not all links can do this. You should also be aware of bad inbound links because sometimes search engines penalise for poor quality inbound links. There are many ways you can build inbound links or hire professionals from internet marketing agency who can make this job much easier. Here are few ways that help you to build incoming links, they are:


    • Submit articles to other niche sites
    • Comment on other blogs
    • Use social networking sites
    • Participate in blog posts and forum posting
    • Build relationships with other webmasters
    • Conduct online surveys and reviews
    • Maintain your blog


External links 

While giving external links to other sites you must be careful. While designing your home page make sure you doesn’t carry too many widgets or counters on it because these are all things that may contain links to other people so it may help them to get high PR. Some factors to consider before linking to other sites:


  • Find the authority of the website
  • Exchange link with high PR sites
  • Contact webmasters before linking


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