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Facebook Friend Remover - 3 Reasons to Unfriend on Facebook

“You have a new friend request from …” and the confusion is started. Who is this person? Where do I know him/her from? Should I accept his/her request?

Many Facebook users turn to some Social Media Marketing Companies to buy friends, fans and likes on Facebook for their internet marketing promotion; so you may get such a friend request.

This issue is one of those which arise various feelings in people: fear, irritation, anger, laugh, joy so on. Sometimes we face this difficulty on Facebook: accept this friend request or not? Generally we accept this kind of questionable requests but it does not take much time in order to regret for doing that.

Actually there are certain things which sooner or later make us unfriend this or that person depending on different reasons. These reasons are either obvious from the beginning or are being born during the “friendship”.

A number of investigations have been made in order to understand why people unfriend on Facebook and which are the most logical reasons. Let’s see which are that reasons.

  1. The first thing which very often makes people angry and gets on their nerves is posting unimportant things too often. It’s not always interesting to know the details of your friends’ everyday life and where do your friends on Facebook go, what do they do, what do they eat or drink, where are they about to go with their family on weekends?

      2. The second reason for unfriending is the fact that you have not met that person for a long time, and so called face-to-face contact between you has been during school times.

      3. Another reason which very often annoys people is status updating. Your Facebook friends may get angry when you update your status too much or too little. So be attentive if you do not want to lose your friends on Facebook. So, many people update their statuses just a couple of times a week. This is less irritating or annoying.

So there is no need to panic when seeing a new friend request. Just get to know who is that person, if after that you anyway do not want to friend with him/her ignore the request and put an end to all doubts.


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