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Facebook Facing doubts

Beginning from May 2012 Facebook has lost shares from $38 to $20. Michael Comeau of the financial website Minyanville says: "I'm fixated on the 268 million shares that hit in two weeks," he said. "Will there be enough buyers to satisfy the new supply?" 

Analyst full-year earnings estimates on Facebook are actually coming down from 51 cents per share to 49 cents. Declining earnings estimates are usually a negative indicator for momentum stocks." However in overall, the revenue of Faceboook has increased given the number of Facebook users-955  million. The thing gids that the 83 million accounts are considered to be fake: they are duplicates, spammers and pages for pets and so on.  


The reasons of this fall quite logical and expected. Why? Facebook is a giant which 'knows' everything about you and spread that 'everything' to everyone. Users do not feel any privacy with. They seem invaded with Facebook, which makes public every detail about yourself.


You cannot even read an article you are interested in but do not want others to know. But, no, Facebook immediately releases it. At first this strategy seemed awesome to Facebook fans, but gradually it became annoying. As a result people seem to look for something new to do, to be busy with and entertain. Ok, you may log in to your page to see what is going on there or chat to a friend you don't happen to encounter and exchange a few words in reality. But this happens once or twice a week.   


It seems to me Facebook has lots its primary label as social media platform adn has converted into marketing giants. No matter you are well-known brand or a start-up yo u need Facebook to promote your business. Actually,  I think that no other social media can be compared with Facebook in this regard. So it is largely visited by thoses engaged in propmtion and marketig.


Many companies and brands already have an established jobs responsible for Facebook promotion. I personally use Facebook for promotion and getting news and different kinds of  articles. So, it is becoming obvious that Facebook has turned into a non-adequate platform for a  large group of individuals.


Facebook's weak point is that it has not established convenient conditions for mobile users. Lou Kerner, an employer from Social Internet Fund “I think it's turned into a 'show me' stock. As soon as Facebook shows it can meaningfully monetize its mobile users I think you'll see the shorts cover and people lining up to buy.”


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