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Understanding the Importance of Using Online Data Storage Facilities

One of the big advantages of your superfast internet connection is that you can upload large files in a relatively small time. You can use your generous bandwidth, to back up and sync all your important files across devices. Here are some of the best online backup services available to you. All of them are cross platform, meaning that they are available on most smartphones, tablets and laptops.


  1. 1.     Dropbox  

This is probably the most convenient backup and sync solution online. Install dropbox on your Android tablet or smartphone, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac or Linux. All you need to do now is copy all the files that you want backed up to the Dropbox folder. They will be automatically uploaded to your online account and also copied to your other devices.

Dropbox was the first such service to give you a full back up and sync solution and it is still one of the best. By default, it offers 2GB of online storage for free. You can get additional free space by recommending the service to your friends.

  1. 2.     Google Drive  

If you are a heavy Gmail user, you can put your account to good use with Google Drive. It is very much like Dropbox and has all the features you would like in a backup service. Again, you only need to copy all your files to the Google drive folder and it will do the rest on its own. You may feel safer with this service because it comes from Google.

By default, you get 5GB of free online storage, which is quite generous. It supports all file formats and will even open some documents in Google Docs without needing to download them, if you just want to read them rather than edit. Extra storage space is cheaper than Dropbox on Google Drive, so you might want to go for this service.

  1. 3.     Microsoft SkyDrive  

SkyDrive is yet another good online backup solution. It is on par with Google Drive and Dropbox. It is available on Android, iOS and of course, Windows devices. It is optimized for Windows, but it works well for other operating systems as well. You can use your existing Hotmail account to get 7GB of free online storage.

If you have been using Hotmail before 2012, you are in luck, because you get 25GB absolutely free. This is one of the most attractive features of SkyDrive. If you are a heavy Microsoft Office user, than you can edit your documents online rather than having to download them. The changes will be synced to all your devices locally.

  1. 4.     Box  

Box might be a new player in the online backup service, but it is by no means second class. It is a highly reliable service that offers very fast uploads and downloads using cutting edge technology. A good indicator of the quality of any service is how many businesses use it. In addition to this, Box passes all the tests with flying colors.

With file versioning and easy collaboration features, it is used by many businesses to store mission critical files. Although it is primarily geared towards businesses, it is equally good for home users too and comes highly recommended.


All of the backup and syncing services mentioned above are top notch. You won’t have a problem with any of them. The difference in features is very small. Your choices will be driven by what devices you use. For instance, SkyDrive makes more sense if you are a heavy Windows user. When it comes to quality and reliability, all of them are equally good and you won’t go wrong with any of them.


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