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Which Are Best Browsers Apps Available For Android Powered Gadgets

Most, if not all, the things you do on your smartphone are through the internet. Browsing is the most common task that people perform on their Android devices. The Google Play Store has a number of browsers that give you a better experience than the default browser bundled with Android. Let’s take a look at them, so you can choose what you like.


Default Browser  

It is not bad by any means. When it came out it was really bad as compared to Safari on the iPhone. However, it has improved quite a bit since then. It has basic features including tabs and bookmarks syncing. It is fast enough for normal use and many users don’t go beyond this.

The default browser’s limitations come to light however, when you open too many tabs or have more than one video playing on YouTube. It can slow down to a crawl and make your browsing experience miserable.

Chrome for Android  

If you have used Chrome on the PC or Mac, you know just how fast it is and how well it works with multiple tabs. Well, the same rings true for the Android version of Chrome. It is fast and it has a number of other features too. It can sync bookmarks, history, open tabs, passwords and what not.

When you open the new tab page, it gives you a convenient list of most visited websites and your bookmarks, so you don’t have to keep typing new addresses. It also supports HTML5, so newly designed websites also look very good on the browser. In short, it is snappy when you switch tabs or have man tabs, and it is a big improvement on the default browser.

Firefox for Android  

This is yet another example of an excellent desktop browser ported to mobile devices. Firefox for Android has a very stylish interface that is beautiful to look at and super easy to use. It has improved by leaps and bounds over time and is quite fast. Playing multiple videos is nothing for this browser.

It also offers to sync all your information across all your devices including PC’s and smartphones. The best thing however about Firefox for Android is the fact that it has thousands of plugins to extend functionality. Many of the popular add-ons on the desktop have been ported over to and Android version too.

Opera Mobile  

Opera has been the first to mobile browsers even before smartphones arrived in the market. Opera Mini and mobile are the most stable browsers that you can find. If you have an iffy 3G internet, this is the best browser you can have. It uses a feature called Opera Turbo that compresses web pages before it sends them to your browser.

It is noticeably faster than other browsers because it can reduce file sizes by more than half and thereby double your browsing speed.


If you like as many features on your Android browser as possible, try out SkyFire. It is has a number of handy features that make browsing more convenient for you. For instance, it has a big Facebook button, so that you don’t have to search for the small “Like” button on a large web page on your tablet or smartphone.

A cool albeit paid feature converts the Flash files into HTML5, so that you can view flash videos, without any trouble on your Android. It is not the fastest browser, but certainly the most innovative one out there.

There are dozens more browsers out there on the Google Play store, but if you want to get up and running quickly, then these are your best options.


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