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The Story of Variables in Drupal Module Development

Lately, there has been an abundance of websites that are supported by the feature-rich Drupal CMS. All these websites are exploiting the numerous features of Drupal to the farthest possible extent. There are, however, certain things that can be done in order to enhance the functionality of a Drupal based website fourfold. Drupal module development has been recognized as the most effective way to increase Drupal’s functioning.

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Intelligent Web Design Services India

Business website designs.

We design websites that bring business.

But before we do that, we do the following:


  • Thoroughly understand your business
  • Do research to see what the customers are saying
  • Even suggest some niches that may be more profitable
  • Then build the website
  • The promote it so it ranks on the first page of Search Engine if not the top


6 Tips for a Well-Crafted and Popular Website

All popular websites have some things in common that keep visitors coming in and coming back. It is not chance that an Internet user happens upon a site. Something or someone must have led him or her to the site, either by the need to gather facts, or just by curiosity.

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How Great Travel Writing Can Help Your Business

Let’s face it: with work, school timetables, family and other commitments it seems that the holiday has become a stranger to many of us. As they become fewer and far between the stresses we place upon ourselves to savour every second of our time off is immense and often results in producing the contrary outcome.

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Using Your Blog as a Sales Tool

Are you ready to take your company website to the next level? Starting a blog is a great way to turn a static website into a dynamic marketing presence, add fresh content and increase search engine traffic. Another benefit? Your blog can easily become a sales tool, providing valuable information and marketing without spending money on an advertising campaign. Here are some great ways to turn your blog into a sales tool for your company.

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How Video Content Can Boost Business

Online videos are as common as photos and texts. Video content has become an integral part of the Internet. But it’s important to not only create content that causes someone to push play. You want to create video content that will improve your business and help it grow. Below are ways to approach video content—and how each method can help boost business.  

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Content Marketing Strategy for Realtors

Content Strategy

The Internet provides several opportunities for realtors to market and grow their business. Through blog posts, email newsletters and social media accounts, realtors are able to spread the word about their business while positioning themselves as experts in their industry.

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