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Choosing an ISP According to Your Business

If you employ a website to offer your products and services or simply to keep your market updated about the latest news related to your business, then it’s critical that you invest in an appropriate ISP for your business.

Types of Internet Connections

The first thing you need to know is that there are all kinds of Internet services you may subscribe to.

  • DSL – This is considered nowadays as the most affordable type of Internet access. For businesses, subscription may cost as little as $30 or no more than $100 each month. Transfer of data is made through your business’ phone lines. Speed typically depends on your location although in most cases you can expect a maximum of 1mbps for upload speed and 15mbps for download speed.
  • Cable – Subscription plans are typically in the range of $60 to $300. This type of Internet service relies on cable lines for data transfer. In most cases, subscribing to cable Internet would also mean you get to enjoy cable TV as well as digital phone service. Upload speeds would be in the range of 2 – 10mbps while download speeds may reach a maximum of 100mbps. However, you should also keep in mind that speeds are likely to noticeably slow down during peak hours.
  • Fiber - This is one of the most recent types of Internet service you can sign up for. Obviously, data transfer is made possible with fiber optic lines, which can provide more reliability and greater reliability compared to the previous types of Internet connection. Upload speeds are in the vicinity of 5 – 35mbps. Meanwhile, download speeds can reach impressive speeds of up to 150mbps.


Speed is different from bandwidth, but most people mistake them for being one and the same. A high-speed Internet service with limited bandwidth may allow 2 users to enjoy a maximum of 4mbps at the same time. If you subscribe for the same plan with higher bandwidth access then this could be extended to 3 simultaneous users enjoying a maximum of 4mbps of download speed. Simply put, the more Internet users there are, the higher the bandwidth access you need.


Sometimes, you may be charged a fee for professional installation. You may also have to purchase additional equipment in order to have a certain type of Internet service available for your business. In other cases, you may have to redesign your company’s entire IT infrastructure just to obtain a certain type of Internet service.

Uptime Reliability

An Internet service plan that has published average speeds of 5mbps may end up only providing you with 2mbps download speeds simply because they have poor uptime reliability. This means that your Internet connection is not as consistent as it should be.

Lastly, you should also consider other options such as if your wireless broadband service would come with mobile access or email services.

Figure out the best speed, pricing, and plans of different internet providers when you visit here. With the best Internet plan servicing your business, you will immediately have better resources at your disposal for catering to the needs of your customers.

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