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7 Of The Most Underappreciated & Underrated Gadgets And Technology

We are forever hearing about the latest and greatest technological innovations with companies such as Apple and Microsoft gaining all the plaudits. Everyone praised the iPhone, iPad, Sat Nav, GPS and so on with good reason. All of these gadgets and technology have made our lives considerably easier and have given users countless hours of pleasure. Even mobile apps are receiving a lot of love.

Teenagers are astonished to learn that there was no Internet not so long ago because that is all they have ever known. We live in a ‘I want’ society so it’s small wonder that there are numerous fantastic pieces of technology that are never mentioned. Below, we will name, in no particular order, 7 of the most underrated and underappreciated gadgets and technology available today.


1 - Rechargeable Batteries From Sanyo Eneloop

If you have children, you’ll know exactly how many AA batteries your family goes through! Rechargeable batteries save you having to travel to the convenience store every few days and Eneloop is an advanced version of this technology. First of all, when you purchase them, they are already fully charged which is nice. Even more impressive is the fact that they don’t lose their charge over time unlike other batteries which lose a percent every so often and are dead within a few months.


In other words, Eneloop have all the convenience of disposable batteries by being charged as soon as you buy them and remaining undamaged if left unused for a long time. Save money and frustration while being ‘green’ all at the same time!


2 - MicroCell - AT&T

One criticism of this device is that it should actually be free as it is a device designed to boost cellphone reception. Instead, it costs approximately $150 though there is no monthly fee. This hooks into a broadband connection and improves the cellphone signal within a house. MicroCell also transfers data, not just voice like its competitors though this feature isn’t that relevant if customers already have Wi-Fi in the house. Nonetheless, it is a cool gadget because it allows customers to setup 10 phone lines to use it, 4 of which can use it simultaneously.


3 - Oculus Rift

This is a virtual reality head mounted display and has wide view stereoscopic 3D rendering. Palmer Luckey is the creator of The Rift which is set to brew up a storm though it has not yet become a mainstream success. The Rift has been nominated for a Best of E3 award despite the fact it is still only a prototype. It seemingly wipes out all of its competition but we will have to wait until the end of 2012 before we can see if The Rift is the future of gaming. Until then, we will have to wait with bated breath.


4 - Accelerometer

Don’t know what this is? That’s ok, few people are aware of what an accelerometer does. It just happens to be one of the most important components of the gaming systems you spend hours glued to each day. Without the accelerometer, you wouldn’t enjoy the freedom of movement afforded to you by the Nintendo Wii. The mobile interfaces that enable you to swivel between horizontal and vertical would not be possible without the accelerometer which is the humble, powerful and ultimately vital piece of technology that we seemingly couldn’t live without.


5 - Multiplying Memory Without Multiplying Size

This is a technology that is relatively old in technological terms but it really hasn’t received the level of attention it deserves. Manufacturing processes are not seen as ‘sexy’ or ‘innovative’ but they are what drives technological advances after all. The process that allows us to stack tiny chips into vertical space which massively improves the amount of memory our electronic devices can have is an incredibly underrated one. SanDisk for example can place mini chips into a 1mm thick microSD card and give you 32GB of space!


6 - Mobile Payment

Again, this is relatively old in the world of technology but hasn’t it made our lives so much easier? Doesn’t it make shopping less stressful as we don’t have to carry credit cards or cash everywhere we go? So why isn’t a bigger deal being made about it? Sure, it gets some publicity but most people simply take it for granted. We always carry our phones with us so it makes sense to pay for goods and services using our mobile phones.


7 - Sandy Bridge Computers - Intel

When the Sandy Bridge was released, it had plenty of flaws and kinks that needed to be ironed out. These issues were solved and now Sandy Bridge is considered to be one of the best CPUs of its kind. In the processors, the memory, video controllers and PCI Express are all contained within the same die. This is just one of the many innovations contained within Sandy Bridge computers which is slowly but surely gaining much deserved recognition.


There are dozens of fantastic pieces of technology and gadgets which make our lives easier yet we carry on without ever giving them or their creators full credit.


An article is written by Sara Carter. I like social networks, Google android, and psychology. I'm interested in IT services, computer upgrades, computer repair, different computer apps. Love travelling and skiing.