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Email Marketing: What Type of Content Should You Send?

While most businesses are still experimenting with the best ways to use different social media channels to market themselves, email is a much more established marketing tool. Because so many businesses have been engaged in email marketing for quite some time, you can find lots of information about which tools are the best, as well as tips for getting the most out of them. However, what's not addressed nearly enough is what type of email your business should send. 


If you're interested in email marketing but aren't sure what you should be sending to prospects and customers, here's the info you need to get on the right track: 

Start by Educating 

The best way to use email to convert prospects into actual customers is to send educational content. While it's tempting to want to hook prospects right away, just about every company that's experimented with sending this type of content has found that it improves their bottom line more than pitching away from the start. 


The one snag is even if you like this idea, you may still be wondering "but what type of educational content should I send?" Even though the specifics will be different from business to business, the basic answer is the same for all of them. You need to find one or more topics that are relevant to your business and allow you to deliver value through your content because prospects really do want to learn about it. 

Make Them Feel Special 

Thanks to the sophistication of the email marketing tools and platforms that are available, it's easy to segment your list into prospects and customers. As previously discussed, educational content is the absolute best thing you can send to prospects. And while it can also work well with customers, that's not the only type of content they want to receive. 


What customers really want is to feel like an insider. Because of this, any content you send them should reflect that desire. Whether it's for a sale or a request to participate in a survey, you want each recipient of this type of content to feel like it was written just for him/her and no one else. 

Don't Be Afraid to Upsell 

Since no legitimate business wants to be viewed as a spammer, many are hesitant to engage in any form of upselling. While it's true that you don't want to bombard your email list with one offer after another, that doesn't mean there isn't any room to upsell. The key is to make sure any pitch you send is targeted and relevant. When you send this type of email, you want to make sure that it clearly explains why that recipient should be interested. Although it will take a little longer to write a really targeted pitch, the results you'll get will make it well worth the additional effort.


Brian Waraksa is president of, a Houston web design company. Feel free to follow Raxa Design on Twitter.