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Get Entry into your It Outsourcing Providers Elite Customer Club in 8 Easy Steps

You may not be your IT outsourcing service provider’s most favored client, but you obviously don’t want to be the most ignored one. The elite clientele club is where you want to make your place.


Being at the top position in your outsourcing provider’s priority list definitely gives you unparalleled customer experience and quality services in the longer run. Devising ways to reach that stature without shelling out extra bucks can be worthwhile.

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SAP Implements Shared Services in Singapore

The Benefits of Shared Services

Over the past few years, a trend has emerged in Shared Services. This is the process of taking a service that was originally provided by multiple divisions within a company and putting it in the hands of a single division. In many cases, that division is not only responsible for providing the service to the rest of its branch, but also to other branches of the company.

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