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Get Entry into your It Outsourcing Providers Elite Customer Club in 8 Easy Steps

You may not be your IT outsourcing service provider’s most favored client, but you obviously don’t want to be the most ignored one. The elite clientele club is where you want to make your place.


Being at the top position in your outsourcing provider’s priority list definitely gives you unparalleled customer experience and quality services in the longer run. Devising ways to reach that stature without shelling out extra bucks can be worthwhile.

Here some simple yet effective ways that can help you in successfully grabbing your vendor’s attention and that too without paying your way into it:

Be Open

Don’t be hideous at all. Nothing can ruin a relationship worse than the pre-agreement revelations. It is best to provide your IT outsourcing services partner with accurate details at the very initial stage of association.


These details might include authentic information about your organization’s current performance levels, asset inventory and the number of resources that will be supporting the project.


Providers are absolutely delighted by the thought of being aware about their client’s essential details and being able to cater accordingly.

Carry out Reasonable Negotiations

Outsourcing is a long-term relationship, which begins even before you sign the agreement. Adapting a hard-line approach and demanding unreasonable terms can result in a foul play from the very first day. Be reasonable in your demands and don’t create fuss about every negotiation term.


Be Rewarding 

Everyone likes being rewarded and so does your outsourcing vendor. Link your provider’s performance with rewards. Appreciate the hard work and offer rewards in terms of additional revenue and work extension. Show your vendor some money, or at least the potential to earn it, and he will show the love you need.

Lend a Helping Hand

Nothing can be more encouraging for your vendor than a helping hand. If your service provider is stuck in some issue and isn’t able to deliver, don’t start pointing fingers at him. Instead, offer a helping and assist him in sorting out the issues. Don’t allow your vendor to fail even in one segment. If you let this happen you are heading your business towards affliction and your vendor towards complete failure.

Look beyond the Contract 

Put the contract away and enjoy the spirit of your association with your vendor. If you want to go by the contract in an optimal fashion, it is best to draft a contract that lists a healthy vendor-customer engagement as the first priority. Adopt a problem solving attitude and your relationship with your vendor will always be on track.

Make On-Time Payments 

At times, several business owners halt the payments of their vendors in order to manage their own cash inflow. Delaying your service providers payments can lead to real annoyance. Clear all bills on-time and make the association worthwhile for both.

Pay for What You Want 

Pay for the services you demand from your vendor. If you want more, pay more too. Any increased demands from your side which were not a part of the scope document originally, can lead to substantial changes in the cost parameters estimated by your vendor. Accept genuine change requests whole heartedly. This provides your vendor with a flexible working environment.

Go Public 

If you want to get the VIP treatment from your service provider, treat him in the same manner. Nothing is more essential for a provider, than the sound of a satisfied customer. Go public with your outsourcing provider. Provide client references and work intimately on entire project development project. If you are working with a software development company, interact with the development team regularly and discuss essential aspects at every development stage. 


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