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Safe Social Networks for Kids

We live in a day and age where technology is all around us and to our children, the internet is as normal as eating and sleeping. They want to do what we do so what are we supposed to tell them when they want to sign up for Facebook? It’s just not appropriate for them. Thankfully, there are some sites like Facebook for kids that are safe and easy for them to use and parents can rest easy as their children use these sites because they are guaranteed to be age-appropriate and consistently moderated.


Kids Social Network

Kids Social Network is a social network specifically for the under 13 age group. It is enjoyable for children because it offers fun, games and chat. It is also a favorite with parents because the community is safe and moderated at all times. The moderators and filters protect against inappropriate communication and bullying. There is also a “parent panel” that parents can use to monitor their children’s activity on Kids Social Network. For parents, being able to see what your child does and who they communicate with is a perfect resource that should not be overlooked.

Another thing that makes Kids Social Network a great option for families is the fact that the games are interactive with other children and also adults. Meaning parents and grandparents (as well as aunts and uncles) can play only with the children they know, even if they are far apart from each other physically. It helps families who are separated by distance to stay connected.


For the preteen crowd, who are too old for Kids Social Network but too young for Facebook, there is Fanlala. Fanlala is a fun social networking website that allows its users to write a blog, share their blog with other users and become fans of other pages. They can take fun quizzes and there is a news feed that shares entertainment news that covers subjects directed towards their age group.

With Fanlala, parents can rest easy because parental settings allow parents to review activity, approve posts and friend requests, and users cannot sign up for an account without being verified by their parents. Fanlala also has active moderation to protect against cyber bullying and an extra feature of a list of internet safety that users can read anytime.

As you can see, there are sites like Facebook for kids that are safe, easy to use, and keep parents in the loop. These options are great for parents to be okay with.


Kids Social Network is the safest social networking site online. Kids can have fun connecting with other children without parents having to worry about their safety.