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Content Marketing Strategy for Realtors

Content Strategy

The Internet provides several opportunities for realtors to market and grow their business. Through blog posts, email newsletters and social media accounts, realtors are able to spread the word about their business while positioning themselves as experts in their industry.

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Top 5 Tips for a Succesfull Food Blog

Food Blog

If you love to cook, and write, a blog might seem like a fun, and potentially profitable, way to share your passion. With the internet already crowded with food blogs, yours needs to stand out from the rest. These top five tips are the recipe for a successful food blog.

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Which Are Best Browsers Apps Available For Android Powered Gadgets

Most, if not all, the things you do on your smartphone are through the internet. Browsing is the most common task that people perform on their Android devices. The Google Play Store has a number of browsers that give you a better experience than the default browser bundled with Android. Let’s take a look at them, so you can choose what you like.

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Understanding the Importance of Using Online Data Storage Facilities

One of the big advantages of your superfast internet connection is that you can upload large files in a relatively small time. You can use your generous bandwidth, to back up and sync all your important files across devices. Here are some of the best online backup services available to you. All of them are cross platform, meaning that they are available on most smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media is the buzzword in today's connected world. From individuals to businesses, all are talking about it, implementing their strategies of it.

But what is the importance of social marketing?


Following are few resources that will help you understand the subject better and at the same time, you stressget professional and cutting edge advice about the latest strategies/knowledgebase that you can safely and effectively use for your own campaigns.


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Search engine optimisation strategy

Search engines are the life and blood of Internet today. Google is so strong that it can make or break a business. It pays immensely to play by their rules.


Fact is that their rules are also good business sense. So, it is in our interest to build our online business using these rules.


However, Internet is full of charlatans who promise immediate succour by having your rank in search engines jump upwards in a short time.

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Online Lead Generation

By having your sites ranked high by search engines through SEO, we garner new leads for  you.

What you can expect.

  • A thorough analysis of your business
  • If required, meeting with people connected with business
  • A thorough research to find untapped profitable niches related to  your business

How to Use Twitter for Marketing

Use Twitter properly


Twitter is the business tool/social media platform that almost every business is now aware of and should be using.

But how to use Twitter for marketing?

Below we give some strategies sourced from various gurus, who have forged them after much time testing.

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